Event Rules

Complete all three exercises in this sequence: run, barbell deadlifts, and pull ups, within ten minutes. You may complete any combination of repetitions but, once you have progressed to the next movement (for example run to deadlift) your may not return to the previous exercise. Points are accumulated based upon how many 400 meter laps run, the number of deadlifts completed, and pullups performed.

1 lap of 400m = 200 points 1 dead lift = 20 points 1 pull up = 10 points


You may choose how many laps to run and how many reps of each exercise to perform, but once you decide to move on to the next exercise you may not return to a previous exercise.


Complete as many 400m laps as you want.

Do as many dead lifts as you want. You may NOT readjust your grip, drop the weight, or rest in the down position.

Do as many pull ups as you can within the remaining time. You may drop off the bar to take breaks as needed.


There will be three divisions:

The Men’s Elite Group

(225 lbs. deadlift barbell, kipping pull-ups permitted)

The Women’s Elite Group

(155 lbs. barbell, kipping pull ups allowed)

The Remembrance Group

(Any weight. This group is for those who want to honor Chris by participating in the challenge, but don’t want to compete.)

Prizes will be awarded to the top participants in both the Men’s and Women’s Elite divisions.

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