Britt Challenge

Snap Back Britt Challenge Hat

On December 7, 2020, Christopher Brittingham, also known as Britt, left this life to be with Jesus. Many believe that once a person leaves this life, that’s the end; there’s nothing else. However, we know that there is a life after this life. Britt is not dead; he is alive. He is more alive now than ever before. This shirt represents Britt’s life here on Earth but also serves as a reminder that his life continues.


There are four symbols on the front of the shirt: a bike, a seal, goggles, and a cross.

The seal represents Britt’s life as a Navy Seal in the US Navy. He committed his life to serving his country and countrymen.

The bike represents Britt’s passion for mountain biking. He was always down for a good mountain biking adventure.

The goggles represent Britt’s love for scuba diving and skydiving.

The Cross represents Britt’s undying love for Jesus Christ. Britt loved to have fun, but his mission in life was to serve Jesus Christ.

The back of the shirt says “Britt Lives On.” This symbolizes that Britt isn’t dead, rather, his love for adventures has been taken to the next level. There is also a coffee cup symbol and the Scripture Psalm 37:4 on the bottom of the shirt. The coffee cup represents Britt’s love for coffee. While on deployment, Britt would roast his own beans and offer coffee to his buddies. When Britt offered a cup a coffee, it was his way of inviting someone into a conversation to build a friendship.

Psalm 37:4 “Delight Yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” This was Britt’s life verse. This verse encouraged Britt to go after his dreams and to live an adventurous filled life even when faced with challenges.