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        To honor the life and legacy of SO1 Christopher Brittingham

        Chris Brittingham, commonly known as Britt, was always ready for a challenge. When faced with a seemingly impossible task, rather than turning around in defeat, Chris would look the challenge in the eye and say “Bring it on”. Chris demonstrated this attitude while deployed in Guam. One day, Chris saw a tree at the top of a mountain, and decided to run to the tree and back. When Chris’s teammates said it would take too long, Chris’s response was “Ten minutes. Easy.” Chris took off and sprinted up the mountain. He had to cross a stream and scramble over rocks to reach the top. When Chris returned an hour or so later, he was exhausted and totally spent, but ready for the next challenge. Chris did not make it back in ten minutes that day. However, his attitude to face the challenge head on set a new standard for his team. In the same way that Chris pushed himself to the next level, The Britt Challenge encourages participants to push themselves to try something new.

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        Join us on July 27, 2024 at 645 Silver Strand Blvd, Imperial Beach, CA 91932, for the annual Britt Challenge. Participants will have 10 minutes to run, deadlift, and pull up as many reps as possible for a maximum point total.
        There will be great competition, food, drinks, an auction, and an after party. All proceeds will go to support the mentorship, apprenticeship, and scholarship programs of the Britt Foundation.
        Come prepared to be challenged